iPod Backup

A new feature of Handy Backup is on the way. The feature will allow doing backup of data from iPod – a portable media player which can also be used as a mass storage device for keeping music, text files, images etc. With the iPod backup feature of Handy Backup, you can be absolutely sure that no data files stored in your iPod are ever lost or stolen.

It is easy to accidentally delete data stored on a portable storage device such as iPod, as you often need to clean up the device in order to record new data on it. With data often changed or updated, the risks of data loss dramatically increase, so you need to be very careful while dealing with iPod data.

Handy Backup will soon deliver a special feature for simple backup of all data stored on your iPod. With this new feature, you will be able to automatically back up the iPod data every time you connect it to a PC.

A flexible file filtering will help you find all necessary files stored on iPod and back them up quickly and reliably to the preferred storage medium.

With Handy Backup, your iPod data will always be professionally secured!

If you are interested in the feature and would like to hasten its release, please vote for it below:


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