Mobile Phone Backup and Synchronization

Novosoft is currently putting things together to launch a new service: Mobile Phone Backup and Synchronization. A mobile can be viewed as the most common type of data storage device with all its contacts, reminders, phone numbers, calendar etc. In many cases, users have found that the data stored on their phone are more valuable than the device itself. At the same time, mobile phones are the most vulnerable devices as far as data security is concerned. A phone can be lost, stolen, or simply malfunctioning. No matter what the problem is, you may lose you most vital data and never be able to regain them.

We offer two kinds of services for mobile phone users, mobile manufacturers and mobile service providers: backup and synchronization.

For mobile phone users

If you are a mobile phone user, and looking for efficient means to protect your cell phone data, you may want to use this new service. To be able to use the service, your phone must support SyncML.

For mobile phone manufacturers

Novosoft is willing to lend you a hand by providing the synchronization feature support and the push email function in your mobile phones.

For Mobile Service Providers

If you are a Mobile Service Provider, you may want to use Novosoft Software Platform on your servers to offer your customers an effective synchronization support, which will guarantee their mobile phone data security.

How Novosoft is going to protect your mobile phone data

The synchronization is going to be based on the SyncML feature, which is already employed by several major mobile manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Siemens AG. The synchronization will allow you to keep your mobile phone data synchronized (i.e. copied to) with other storage device such as a PC, laptop or PPC.

Besides that, Novosoft offers full Phone Backup with PIM synchronization, a full web interface and connectors for popular email servers.

Our Backup and Synchronization solution will be implemented on the standard Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization and Device Management protocols (OMA DS and DM).

The service will include our proprietary email solution with the push email function support, similar to that of BlackBerry.

The Backup and Synchronization solution described above is applied not only to mobile phones, but other kinds of handheld devices as well, such as PPC, PDA, palmtop smart phones etc.

If you are interested in the feature and would like to hasten its release, please vote for it below:

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