Handy Backup to Monitor Hard Drive

Hard drives are exposed to different risk factors such as mechanical wear and aging, electronic component burning out as a result of poor maintenance conditions etc.

In the event of a hard drive crash, the whole data stored on a hard drive will be gone, including user data and the operating system. Usually users cannot foresee such events coming, so they have to do the backup regularly to stay on the safe side.

To enhance the backup power of our backup software, Handy Backup, we are going to add a new security feature which will allow Handy Backup to monitor hard drive. The feature will make use of the SMART system. SMART stands for Self Monitoring and Analysis Technology. The system allows monitoring a computer hard drive in order to anticipate and prevent hard drive failures.

With this new feature Handy Backup will be able to detect a problem with the hard drive, and notify the user that a hard drive failure is expected, and appropriate measures, such as hard drive backup, must be taken.

Handy Backup and SMART create a powerful backup synergy!

If you are interested in the feature and would like to hasten its release, please vote for it below:


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