Quicken / QuickBooks backup

Novosoft is pleased to announce that a feature of Handy Backup is going to be available soon.

Make your Quicken / QuickBooks backup faster and safer with Handy Backup!

Quicken / QuickBooks is accounting software often used by small and middle sized enterprises.

If you have it installed on you computer, you may be interested to know that Novosoft is developing a feature that will allow performing easy backup of Quicken/ QuickBooks files.

The Quicken / QuickBooks files are of high commercial value to the enterprise, and thus require a reliable method of backup, synchronization and restoration. To make the backup of such files easier, we are currently working on a feature that will allow those files to be automatically included in the backup set and backed up seamlessly in the background not disturbing the performance of other applications run on your computer.

If you are interested in the feature and would like to hasten its release, please vote for it below:


    support@handybackup.netsales@handybackup.net+1 (707) 703-13-11

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