SharePoint Backup

Handy Backup will soon be equipped with a very useful feature - Microsoft SharePoint backup - with the help of which you will be able to protect the data stored within Windows SharePoint Services.

Windows SharePoint Services is a free add-on to Windows Server 2003 which provides basic portal policy and intranet functionality. It allows company employees to share information across applications and have real time access to the shared information resources with a help of special collaboration tools. It also employs such features as personalized user interactions and rapid, easy modification and maintenance of the website presentation

We hope the SharePoint backup feature will be appreciated by many company employees which use Windows SharePoint Services in their everyday work as it will allow them to apply flexible file selection criteria, data encryption and compression tools as well as flexible backup scheduling to optimize SharePoint backup and make sure the data from Windows SharePoint Services are never lost or stolen.

While doing SharePoint backup, you will be offered a wide choice of mass storage devices to which you can record the backup data.

Optimize your SharePoint backup with Handy Backup!

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